Memory Box 11.3.14

A fun way to keep memory verses organized is to use a filing system!

Years ago I started writing out some verses I wanted to memorize on brightly colored 3×5 index cards. Nearly every verse has a title and somewhere along the way I organized them alphabetically. For example, under the letter ‘I’ there is a card titled “Irritations” with Proverbs 12:16 written below it. (The idea behind memorizing titles along with verses is to aid the memory in faster and more efficient recall. From personal experience I know that it does work!)

Filed Verse Cards 11.6.14

The system also works great for review. The verses could be reviewed a ‘letter’ (or half of one) at a time each evening before bed or before computer time! This makes it possible to review them all in less than a month! Also, if there are verses in the box that haven’t been memorized yet, this review system is a simple way to start doing so.

(Side note: The box is ‘re-purposed’ from my early days as a school girl. Notice the ‘M’ in the first picture?)

What is one way you like to organize some of your Scripture Memory verses?


“Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way.” 

Psalm 119:128