Easter is a time of celebration and brings along with it memories and family traditions. Below is a description of a tradition that is now usually included in our family’s Easter celebrations. Perhaps you do something similar in your home? We would enjoy hearing ideas you have to share as well!
Some years ago, Kirk purchased two pieces of wood and nailed them together in the shape of a cross. He used the cross for a lesson he wanted to share with our girls. We decided to keep the cross and it has become a great visual for us at Easter time as well!

Along with the cross, we use three pieces of fabric. On Good Friday, we drape a red cloth on the cross to remind us of Jesus’ blood shed for us on the cross. On Saturday, we take the red cloth down and replace it with a black cloth reminding us of Jesus’ death and burial. On Sunday morning, we replace the black cloth with a white one celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. Hallelujah!