This blog post could be the most important blog post I share.

If you only read one post, read this one. Here is my story:

“It was an ordinary day in the Thomsen household, as our three little girls and I sat around the kitchen table. My husband had left for work and our girls and I were enjoying Bible Time together. We had established a routine of spending week day morning hours, singing, reading the Bible, memorizing Bible verses, praying, and enjoying simple activities relating to these areas.

But on this particular morning I found myself experiencing a new emotion. I felt pressure, pressure to hurry and to bring closure to Bible Time sooner than I normally would.

Why? Why the pressure?

Well, Melanie our oldest daughter was now in kindergarten and I was very aware that we had academics to cover!! A struggle began in my heart, a sort of tug-of-war between Bible Time and academics. There were so many more things I was needing to teach Melanie! She was now in kindergarten! The thought of school subjects pressed in upon me. Melanie now needed to be taught reading, math, spelling, and more!
Ever felt that way?

I was at a crossroads.

What was going to take priority in our school day? Time with our daughters in the Word and prayer, time to share my love for God and His Word, or ….academics? Only one of these choices could have the top place in our day.

My decision would impact all of our years of homeschooling, but far more importantly, the spiritual growth of our children.

The most important reason that Kirk and I decided to homeschool in the first place was to be able to pass on our love for God and His Word to our children. And I believe God graciously guided me at this crossroads in choosing to keep Bible Time as top priority in our school day over academics. This decision helped us to keep our heart’s desire at the forefront of our school day. I will be forever grateful.
And this was a BIG step for me coming from a professional teacher’s background. But I determined in my heart that if all we accomplished in a given school day was Bible Time, at the end of the day I could go to bed with peace in my heart knowing that we had accomplished the most important thing. After sharing this decision with my husband, he wholeheartedly supported me in it. Our course was set.

Matthew 6:33 says “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.”

As I look back, I can see that this has truly been our experience. As we chose to put God and His Word first in our school day with intentional Bible Time, God took care of the academics as well. Our daughters are now all college graduates and far more importantly, we are so thankful that they love the Lord and His Word and desire to live for Him.

Matthew 6:33 says “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.”

We are all in a spiritual battle for the lives of our children.

Is the spiritual nurturing of your children the top priority in your children’s education? Are you standing at a crossroads in your life? Can you identify with the “tug of war” that took place in my heart between academics and the spiritual nurturing of our children?

Is the spiritual nurturing of your children the top priority in your children’s education?
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Do you, like me, want to have the spiritual nurturing of your children the top priority of each school day? If so, I would encourage you to do these three things:

1. Tell God that you desire to seek His kingdom and His righteousness first in your children’s lives by putting Bible Time, a time in the Word and prayer with your children, as the top priority in their school day, and that you are trusting Him to take care of the rest.

2. Share your decision with your husband before you go to bed tonight and ask for his support.

3. Plan for action! Set aside a specific time each school day for Bible Time. Be intentional in planning for what you will do each day during Bible Time. In the upcoming blog posts you will learn simple and practical ways to have Bible Time with your children. You will be given step by step directions on Bible Time activities that you can enjoy together.

If you already have Bible Time as the top priority of your children’s school day, fantastic! Keep going! Don’t give up! Stay the course. The rewards are great.

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The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.