Life Saver 9.18.14


Have you ever had a quiet time where nothing you read ‘jumps out’ at you? So have I! In fact recently it seemed like I had a few of those days in a row! Help! What can we do when that happens?

Here are a some ideas:

  • Pray again! (Lord, what do You want to teach me from this passage?) Then look again!
  • Look for something specific: names of God, actions of God, commands to obey, etc.
  • Start at the first verse of the passage and make observations or ask questions (What does the word ‘beginning’ mean? Who is talking? What is going on? When did Jesus say this? Where is Jesus in this story? How did the Pharisees respond? Why might God have put this story in the Bible?).
  • Picture the passage in your mind. (Imagine Zacchaeus running down the road and climbing a tree. How might he have felt?)

 “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.”

Psalm 119:18