Greetings all the way from a chilly Ohio! Can you believe Christmas is less than two weeks away?! When I was little the star marker on our advent calendar moved slowly – now that I’m older I wish I could set it back a couple weeks! :)

However, in the midst of all the responsibilities of life in December, the Lord has also given moments to enjoy the season! Bringing home our Christmas tree, listening to a Christmas audio drama, enjoying dinner and carols with dear friends, putting up decorations in my room, and doing the Christmas Bible Reading/Meditation Plan. :)

Earlier this month I was blessed by a portion of Isaiah 60:20, “The LORD will be your everlasting light,”. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy Christmas trees and outdoor lights so much! The Light of the World has come! (John 8:12) We need no longer live in darkness (Matthew 4:16). And as believers, we have Light for eternity! How much we have to rejoice in this month!

What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy the season?

Have any Christmas Bible verses stood out to you recently? I’d love to hear!