An Easter Verse Hunt!

This craft and activity is designed for younger children and at the same time is one that the whole family can enjoy.

1. Prepare paper eggs to color. You can create your own paper eggs, or print the free download here. We recommend using card stock for durability. (You will need as many eggs as the number of Scripture verses you plan to use, see #4.)

2. Color the eggs.

3. Cut out the eggs.

4. On the back of each egg, write a Scripture verse from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John that share about the Easter story. (For little children, Matthew 28:1-10 is a great place to start.)

5. When all the eggs are colored and have a Scripture verse on the back of them, have one person hide the eggs around the family room or other rooms in your house.

6. The remaining family members can then find the eggs.

7. When all the eggs are found, lay them out on a table or on the floor, and read the verses together. Talk about what the verses say.

8. Gather the eggs to hide again!