It nice to have a few activities for family members to do at the table while some people are clearing the table and the main course is being put away. We sometimes enjoy games like this before we eat dessert.
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Color It!

Give each person a page from an Easter Coloring Book and some crayons. Enjoy coloring and talking with one another.

Draw It!

Give each person a piece of paper and three crayons. Have them draw one person from the Easter story. Have others guess who the person is. No need to be an artist! Stick figures are fine!

Spell It!

Give each person a pencil and a piece of paper with the word “Hallelujah” written on it. Have them write down as many smaller words they can spell using only the letters in the word hallelujah. Tell them when to start and stop. Three to five minutes may be long enough. (If time, you could do the same thing with the word “Resurrection”.)

Easter Crossword Puzzle or Word search!

Find an Easter crossword puzzle or word search from the internet. Give each person their own copy and a pencil. Family members can work on their own or in teams of two.