Table Talk Questions are a great way to generate meaningful conversations around the Easter Table!
All you need are some questions on paper and a bowl or basket to put them in. If you would like some ideas for questions, feel free to download some suggested questions here.

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After writing out or printing off the questions on a piece of paper, cut the individual questions apart.


Fold each piece of paper up, or roll up each paper and put a paper clip on it, or put each question in a plastic Easter egg.


Place your questions in a bowl or Easter basket that can be passed around the table.
During your Easter dinner, pass the basket around the table. Have each family member select one question paper or one plastic egg with a question inside.


One at a time, have each family member read their question out loud and then respond to the question on their paper. (If you have very young children participating, you may want to have certain questions marked with a star for them to choose from so that they will choose questions appropriate for them.)

Note: If you have time and additional questions, you can pass the bowl or basket a second time around for more discussion fun!