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You have Christ as your Foundation and a desire to know Him more. Now what do you do? A fantastic first step is to have a daily Quiet Time. A ‘Quiet Time’ is time spent alone with God, reading the Bible and talking to Him in prayer.


1. Pray. Ask the Lord to open your mind to understand His Word.
2. Read. Read the selection of Scripture for the day. (It’s a great idea to use a Bible reading plan!)
3. Choose. Choose a verse that you liked, write it down and then write down any thoughts or questions you have about it.
4. Pray. Thank the Lord for the verse you wrote down.

There’s more! As you start making this daily walk with God a habit,
take your next steps for growth …


a Deeper Prayer Life

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Your Memory of God’s Word

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Your Understanding of God’s Word

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Fruit and Live with Freedom

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