Welcome back to the Mom blog in this new year of 2017!

Last year, we talked about being “On our mark.” To decide to make Bible Time the top priority in our child’s training and education. We also talked about “Getting Set.” To get ready to put this decision into practice. And we had the opportunity to prepare a Bible Time notebook to help us “Go,” beginning Bible Time with purpose and planning.

Today, we are going to take a further look into our “Going.”

Where are we going? As we spiritually nurture our children at home, what goals are we working toward? What end result do we want to see in the lives of our children?

Early in our marriage, Kirk and I talked about spiritual goals that we would like to have for the children God would give us. We discussed desires and hopes we had for our children and we wrote down the ones we agreed upon as goals and supported these goals with Scripture. If this is something you have yet to do with your husband, I highly recommend it!

These goals can provide vision, motivation, encouragement and focus.

They can also be used as a prayer list for our children as they grow.

Using the downloads provided with this post is a place to start if you are interested in developing spiritual goals for your children. When you are finished preparing your goals, these pages can be placed in the Mom section of your Bible Time notebook for future reference.

On your mark, get set, go! Go with specific goals in mind, with purpose and clear direction for this race you are running with your children.

For the next minute or two, let’s talk about a relay race.

Let’s imagine that you and your family are in this relay race.

This relay race begins with everyone in your family running together. You and your husband are holding batons. You share your love for God and His Word with your children as you are running this race with them. Over the process of time as you continue to spiritually nurture your children during Bible Time and other times of the day, one of your children has grown spiritually to the point that she not only loves God and has her own personal walk with Christ, but she is ready to help someone else grow in their walk with Christ. You hand her a baton. You are still running, and your daughter is still running, but now someone begins to run alongside of her. This could be a friend or a coworker, or eventually her own children. She is now equipped to help someone else spiritually as you helped her. As she helps this person, her goal is to see that person grow in their personal walk with Christ so that they too can help someone else. While this is happening, you are handing a baton to another one of your children. Your son loves God and is growing in his personal walk with Christ. He is now ready to help someone else grow in their walk with Christ too! And another person joins the race alongside your son.

This is SO exciting! The little steps we take in spiritually nurturing our children during Bible Time can help our children grow in their knowledge of God and in their personal relationship with Christ. And, just think, each of our children has the potential to one day help someone else grow in their walk with Christ as well! That someone could be a friend, a neighbor or your future grandchild! Now that is worth giving our life for. Are you with me? Let’s run the race with the vision to not only influence our own children for Christ, but our grandchildren and many other people as well.