In this video, Melanie tells about a practical way to take action on her goals!
What kind of goals have you set for 2016? Are you confused on how to even start? Here is a practical outline you can use when first creating your goals!

1. Pray

One of the first things to do before starting any kind of goal setting, is to pray about it! Ask God to guide you as you create your goals.

2. Get a Piece of Paper and Think Long Term

After finding something to write on, (or use the printable below) write a list of what you might like to accomplish in the coming year. You might want to separate your list into these four categories: Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Social goals. See how Jesus grew in these areas in Luke 2:52.

3. Organize Your Goals

Now organize your goals into per month action steps. What are you going to do each month to accomplish your goals by the end of the year? Here’s a printable to guide you as you make plans for each month.
You might want to put these papers up where you can see them each day. (Jeremiah 33:3)

Question for You!

What practical ways have you found that help you to accomplish your goals?