Recently, Shelby, a friend of mine, who has a two year old son named Sammy, kindly offered to help me put together a Thank-You Book for toddlers. She took pictures of Sammy and of people, places and things that are a part of his life. Thank-you, Shelby, for your help!

Her pictures are now placed in a simple photobook with a letter to Sammy. This book can be used during Shelby and Sammy’s Bible Time together, or any time of day, as they talk about what they see in the pictures and then tell God “Thank-You.” And, if Shelby desires, she can add more pictures to the book as Sammy grows.

This post shares how to make a Thank-You Prayer book, including the supplies needed and instructions on how to use the book with your child. It also includes a mini video the features a few pages of Sammy’s Thank-You Book.

Collect the Supplies

– A small photo book

– Photographs (4×6) of your child, people, places and things in his life

– Paper (Cardstock works well)

How to Make the Thank-You Book

1. Create a front and back cover.

2. Write a short letter to your child telling him about the book.

3. Write out Psalm 136:1.

4. Put the above pages and the photographs you have chosen into the photo book. (See Sammy’s book in the video as a sample.)

How to Use the Thank-You Book

1. Sit with your child. Show him the book. Read the front cover, the letter of introduction and Psalm 136:1 to him.

2. Talk about the first picture. Tell God thank-You for what you see.

3. Talk about the second picture. Tell God thank-You for what you see.

4. Continue until you are ready to stop. You could use two or three pages a day, or you could use the entire book in one sitting.

5. Enjoy using the Thank-You Book with your child over and over again.


The photo books and paper are available at craft stores. However, if you would like to save time in getting started, it is possible to purchase the Thank-You Books from the Daughters of Decision Shop. The Thank-You Books include the front and back covers, an introduction page and a verse page. You may choose a blue and brown cover, or a pink and brown cover. A space will be left on the introduction page for you to write your child’s name, or customization is available if you would like to have your child’s name printed on the front cover and on the introduction page.


This book would make a great Christmas gift for your child, or for a relative or friend to make for their child.

FREE! We would be happy to customize a Thank-You Book for the first mother who comments on this blog post and send it to her free of charge. We are looking forward to hearing from you!