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Once upon a time, nestled by a beautiful meadow, sat a little cottage. It was yellow–just like lemon pie, with pink sprinkles on top. There was a chocolate covered porch–not actual chocolate you know, but the paint looked like it.

A sweet-faced ragdoll lived there, named Polly Dolly. She kept all sorts of little plants on the porch because she liked them so much. And whenever she found a little bud or blossom struggling in the soil outside, she would dig it up and put in in a little pot so that she could take care of it and help make it strong again.

Welcome to Polly Dolly’s world! Polly Dolly has come alive in our hearts through imagination, stories and drawings. We are happy to introduce her to you today and trust she will bring joy and truth into your hearts and the hearts of your children. There is more to come …

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