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Polly Dolly opened one eye, then the other. Seeing the sunshine, she stretched her arms as far above her head as she could and drew in her breath.

“Ahhh! That feels good.” She giggled to herself as the sun’s rays kissed her cloth cheeks.

“It’s time to get up!” Moving to swing her little legs off the side of the bed, she began to roll instead, making a sudden, unexpected descent to the floor.

For a moment, she blinked. Looking down at the blanket still around her, she laughed.

“I’m all tied up!”

Rolling across the floor to un-do herself, she stood up and lifted the quilt back onto her bed. It was a little challenging work, having no fingers but thumbs to make the bed, but having known nothing else, Polly Dolly was quite satisfied with herself when she was done.

Turning to the mirror nearby, she gave a few quick pats to smooth her clothes.

“Now, I’m ready for the day!”

When Polly Dolly came downstairs, she decided to go for an early morning walk. It was too early to think about breakfast, and besides, it was a beautiful spring day.

“I wonder if I’ll learn something new today?” she thought with a skip. “I like learning new things.”