Once upon a time there sat a little cottage, nestled by a beautiful meadow. It was yellow. Just like lemon pie with pink sprinkles on top. There was a chocolate covered porch, not actual chocolate you know, but the paint looked like it.

A sweet-faced ragdoll lived there, named Polly Dolly. She kept all sorts of little plants on the porch because she liked them so much. And whenever she found a little bud or blossom struggling in the soil outside, she would dig it up and put in a little pot so that she could take care of it and help make it strong again.

On the top floor of the little cottage was Polly Dolly’s bedroom. It had two round windows. The biggest window let sunshine fall right onto her bed. She likes it best this way because she likes bright, happy things, and so she never put a shade on the window.

This morning was just such a bright and happy morning! Polly Dolly was snuggled down cozy and warm inside her bed when the first rays of spring sunshine tickled her awake …

Polly Dolly opened one eye, and then the other. Seeing the sunshine, she stretched her arms as far above her head as she could and drew in her breath.

“Ahhh! That feels good.”

She giggled to herself as the sun’s rays kissed her cloth cheeks.

“It’s time to get up!”

Moving to swing her little legs off the side of the bed she began to roll instead, making a sudden unexpected descent to the floor.

For a moment, she blinked. Looking down at the blanket still around her, she laughed.

“I’m all tied up!”

Rolling across the floor to undo herself, she stood up and lifted the blanket back onto her bed. It was challenging work, but Polly Dolly was quite satisfied with herself when she was done.

Turning to the mirror nearby, she gave a few quick pats to smooth her clothes.

“Now, I’m ready for the day!”

When Polly Dolly came downstairs, she decided to go for an early morning walk. It was too early to think about breakfast, and besides, it was a lovely spring day.

“I wonder if I’ll learn something new today?” she thought with a skip. “I like learning new things.”

When Polly Dolly opened the door and stepped outside, she felt like bursting with joy. The dew on the grass sparkled like crystal and the sky was double the size of the nearby pond and bluer than bluebells. Several butterflies waved their wings in greeting as they hurried about their daily tasks.
Polly Dolly began to sing.

“This is the day
which the LORD hath made;
we will rejoice
and be glad in it.”*

As Polly Dolly sang, she jumped!

And skipped!

And twirled!!

Sometimes she would jump extra high and sometimes she would give an extra-long twirl. After all, this was the day that the Lord had made! And it was so, so lovely!

On her last jump Polly Dolly landed right in front of an amazing flower.

It was unusual,

it was big,

it was beautiful!

The flower had dainty shimmery petals that glistened in the sun. In the middle of the flower was a dot that glowed and looked very sweet.

As Polly Dolly looked intently at the glowing dot in the middle of the flower, she noticed a most interesting thing. There were all kinds of letters on the dot, but no matter how hard she tried, Polly Dolly could not make sense of the letters.

What did they say?

Drawn by the sweet scent of another flower nearby, a bumble bee buzzed right over Polly Dolly’s head. He noticed how puzzled Polly Dolly looked, so he turned around and buzzed right back.

“Do you need any help?” he kindly asked.

“Oh, yes, thank-you!” said Polly Dolly, looking up to see the friendly bee. “I am Polly Dolly and I would like to know what all these letters say.”

The bumble bee hovered closer and extended his leg to shake her hand. “My name is Buzzy Busy Bee and I would be most happy to read the letters for you.”

“Thank-you very much, Mr. Bee Buzzy Busy. It’s good to meet you!”

“Uh, hmmm …the name is Buzzy Busy Bee,” replied the humble bumble bee warmly. Turning to the flower he continued, “These letters form words and the words are sweeter than honey!”

Then, Buzzy Busy Bee buzzed with great importance as he carefully and clearly read:

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1.”

Polly Dolly’s eyes sparkled as she listened and then she clapped her hands with joy.

“God is good! God’s love endures forever. What a wonderful new thing to learn today!”

“Yes,” said Buzzy Busy Bee, “and those words are sweeter than honey. Mmmm, mmmmm.”

Mr. Buzzy Busy Bee sped up his wings. “Well, I must be on my way, it is a beautiful day …so many good things to do, and so many good things to say!”

“Thank-you for reading those sweet words to me,” Polly Dolly said as she raised her hand to wave good bye. “Will I ever see you again?” she asked.

Buzzy Busy Bee flew close to whisper in Polly Dolly’s ear.

“I might be buzzy, and I might be busy, but I am never too buzzy or too busy to read sweeter than honey words to a sweet little doll like you. The next time you come for a walk, just look for another flower glowing with sweeter than honey words and I will be sure to be close by.”

Polly Dolly sang all the way home. This time she sang a new song. Those new sweeter than honey words were already hidden in her heart.

Her voice rang out with joy as she sang and jumped with glee. “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever.”

She gave an extra big jump as she said “Psalm 136:1” and then twirled herself onto the porch of her sweet yellow cottage.

Thanks so much for reading Polly Dolly’s first story!
Written by: Marian and Melissa Thomsen
Illustrated by: Melissa Thomsen

*Psalm 118:24

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