Something else that has had a big impact on my relationship with my sisters is Scripture Memory! For example, it helps me to radiate more joy since God’s Word actually brings joy to our heart (Psalm 19:8). And, in case you were wondering, joyful big sisters are a pretty nice idea. :)

This happened to me on our recent trip home from visiting family. At the end of a trip, it can be easy to look and feel like…I’ve been on the road awhile.

Towards the end of our ride, I took my Bible from it’s snug place in the back pocket of the chair in front of me, prayed for focus and dug in for some Scripture Memory review time. Talk about refreshing!! Let’s say my true joy levels grew. :) I was able to unload the van with a positive attitude (it was done so fast?!) and enjoy washing dishes that night. I was a more positive person to be around that evening, which does wonders for family relationships.

So be encouraged today, the time you personally invest in hiding God’s Word in your heart not only builds your relationship with God, but positively affects the way you interact with your siblings!

On a fun bonus note, sisters can provide tremendous Scripture Memory incentive too. I worked on memorizing my first ‘big’ book of the Bible because Kristen challenged me to do so. My sisters sometimes ask me ‘Where is the verse that says…’. I love nailing the verse with very little hesitation – if I can’t…oo! There’s motivation to spend more time in the Word! :)

How have you seen Scripture Memory help you in your relationship with your siblings? How have your siblings helped you with Scripture Memory? I’d love to hear!

“The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.” Psalm 19:8