When our daughters were three, five and six years of age, we began to make Scripture Picture Books. We had no idea how special these books would become to our family, nor how effective they would be in helping us to study the Bible together. I am excited to share this simple idea with you today!
As we mentioned in the previous post, when we have Bible Time with our children, we are taking the time to enjoy a spiritual meal together. Time to sing, to read, study and memorize verses from the Bible and time to pray.

Making a Scripture Picture Book is a creative way to read and study the Bible, with our children. And children of many ages can enjoy this activity together.

Let’s take a closer look at the what, why and how of Scripture Picture Books.


What is a Scripture Picture Book?

A Scripture Picture Book is a book that includes Bible verses, usually one verse per page and an illustration with each verse that relates to what the verse on that page is saying.


Why take the time to create Scripture Picture Books?

Let’s look briefly at four reasons:

1. Fun! Scripture Picture Books are a fun and creative way to enjoy the Bible together.

2. Bible Study: Scripture Picture Books are a great way to begin studying the Bible with young children and to continue studying the Bible as our children grow. If your child can draw, she can participate! Before giving your child her page to illustrate, you can talk about the verse, asking questions that relate to the verse to help increase her understanding of the verse on that page.

While drawing her picture your child may have questions for you that relate to her verse. That is great! What a wonderful opportunity initiated by your child to talk about the verse for further understanding of the verse. It is very difficult to draw something that we do not understand! And, as this process takes place, comprehension of the verse is increased.

3. Delighting in God’s Word: Creating a Scripture Picture Book provides you and your children with a creative way to think on Bible passages in “bite sized pieces”, one verse at a time. Time is given to enjoy the beauty of the verses and to discuss how the verses relate to us today. Once your book is completed, you can use it as a picture story book with your children over and over again. And that leads me to the fourth reason for creating Scripture Picture Books.

4. This fourth reason is a bonus! Scripture Memory! As you continue to read and enjoy the completed Scripture Picture Books with your children, you may find as I did that your children will begin to be able to say the Bible passages along with you! What a wonderful bonus! And it is fun to have this bonus be discovered by our children over time, rather than expecting it of them. (We will talk about intentional Scripture Memory in future posts.)

Why take the time to create Scripture Picture Books? We have looked at four reasons. They are fun to do, they are a great way to study the Bible together, they provide us with an opportunity to delight in God’s Word and, they encourage Scripture Memory.

The next two questions we will address relate to the how.

How do we create Scripture Picture Books?

Picture Books are very easy to make and use materials that you probably already have in your home. One of today’s downloads provides you with step by step instructions in putting a Scripture Picture Book together with your children.

How do we incorporate creating Scripture Picture Books into Bible Time? Another of today’s downloads provides a Weekly Bible Time plan for creating a Psalm 121 Scripture Picture Book over five days.

The third download offers a master copy of a Weekly Bible Time Plan that can be copied multiple times for you to use in making your own weekly Bible Time plan, whether you are creating a Scripture Picture Book with your children or planning for other Bible Time activities.

If you have questions, a thought to share, or choose to create a Scripture Picture Book with your children, feel free to send a comment our way. We would enjoy hearing from you.
And finally, here is a short video sharing some sample pages from our family’s Scripture Picture Book library.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.