Are you looking for some simple activities to do with your whole family this Christmas that center around the true meaning of Christmas?

Four Simple Family


These activities are easy to do and do not need many supplies. They can help to generate great conversation around the Word of God. Perhaps you would like to enjoy doing one of the activities with your family around your Christmas table this year?



John 1:29

Sheep can remind us of the shepherds and the sheep they were watching when the angels appeared. Sheep can also remind us of Jesus, the Lamb of God.

1. Cut out an oval (for the sheep’s body) with a bump on the top right hand side of the oval (for the sheep’s head) out of cardstock.

2. Have your children glue on cotton balls for the sheep’s wool. Add two Q-tips for the legs. Bend the Q-tips in half before gluing or you may want to staple them on. Each Q-tip becomes two legs and two feet.

3. Glue on some wiggly eyes, or glue on little eyes punched out of paper.

4. Sit the sheep on your Christmas tree branches, or punch a hole and hang as on ornament.



1 John 4:10

Hearts can remind us of God’s love in sending Jesus to earth for us.

1. Cut hearts out of white and red felt or paper. Have the white hearts be a bit bigger than the red hearts. (You may want to cut two paper hearts first to use as a pattern to help you cut the felt hearts.)

2. Have your children glue a red heart on top of a white heart. Make multiple hearts.

3. When the glue is dry, punch a hole at the top of each heart. Hang on the tree using ornament hooks or ribbon.



Isaiah 9:6

1. Cut circles out of cardstock.

2. Give each person a circle and some markers.

3. Give each person a Bible verse that includes a name for Jesus.

4. Look up the Bible verses and find Jesus’ names. (For example, Lamb of God, Redeemer, Light of the World.)

5. Talk about the meaning of each name. Have each person write Jesus’ name found in his Bible verse in the middle of his paper circle. Write the Bible reference.

6. Each person may want to decorate the outside edge of his circle to create a “frame”.

7. Repeat the above steps for as many names of Jesus as you would like.

8. Punch holes in the top of each circle. Use ribbon or an ornament hook to hang these on your Christmas tree.

9. Take turns thanking God for Jesus using his various names as you hang them on the tree.



Zechariah 9:9,10b

1. Cut cardstock into squares.

2. Write one or more Bible verses on each square. These verses could be verses from the Old Testament sharing the prophecy of the Jesus’ coming into the world, verses that share the Christmas story from the New Testament, and verses of what Jesus continues to do for us today.

3. Punch a hole at the top of each card, and add a bow if you like, before hanging the cards on your tree.

4. These cards can be read and put on your Christmas tree year after year. You may want to laminate them before storing them for next year.