Psalm 119:172a

“May my tongue sing of your Word…”

What a delight it was to be surprised by my father many years ago, when he brought home some recordings of Scripture verses put to music! I listened and listened and listened to them and soon sang and sang and sang many of the Scripture songs. Some in our family also began to put Scripture verses to simple tunes of our own. Now, years later I am so thankful to have a collection of Scripture Songs in my heart to sing to the Lord and to sing with others.
I cannot begin to calculate the impact Scripture songs have had on my life, but I can say that the impact has been immense! How grateful I am for the example of others singing the Scriptures, and for the encouragement of my parents to sing the Scriptures and to put Scripture to music myself. I smile as I think about my dad (now 84 years old) and I still singing verses over the phone, as we review Scripture together. We are not always “on key”, but it still brings joy to our hearts!
If you are interested in singing Scripture with your family, Bible Songs for Kids #1 by Bible Music, Psalm 119 In Song by Shepard Music, or The Word Creations may be a place for you to begin.