Your Memory of God’s Word

It’s Just That…

“I can’t memorize.”

“I’ve memorized so much I can’t even remember it all!”

“I never seem to be able to do it.”

Do any of these ring true to you?

It’s Possible!

If you feel like memorizing is something you just can’t do, take heart!

Do you know your name? Your address? Your phone number?

You’re in good shape!

With practice, you could be really good at this!!

A Basic Way to Memorize

Here’s one of the multiple ways to memorize a Scripture verse:

  1. Choose a verse to memorize.
  2. Write it out on an index card.
  3. Read it aloud.
  4. Divide the verse into small phrases. Say the first phrase over a few times (be sure to say the reference before and after the phrase). When you can say the phrase without looking, add the next phrase. Keep going until you can say the entire verse!

When you can say the whole verse without looking, you’ve begun to hide the verse in your heart!! Congratulations!

Try reviewing the verse once or twice daily for a month!

Creative Ideas for Memorizing

– Put the verse to music and sing it over and over and over again!

– Write it on a whiteboard (or a chalkboard) where you’ll see it often and read it aloud every time you pass by. Erase one word a day to stretch your memory. When the whole verse has disappeared, it shouldn’t matter because you’ll have said it so many times!

– Draw the verse to help you remember what it says.

– Write the verse on a card, laminate it, and stick it up on the shower wall for consistent review!

– Write it on a sticky note and stick it to the dashboard of your car. Say it aloud every time you turn on the engine. Just be sure to finished quoting the verse before you shift into reverse! :)

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