Our dining room is a place to enjoy feasts! Feasts to the eyes, the body and the soul. If you were to look around the dining room, you might first notice the table and chairs, hutch and server. Or you might look on the walls and see beautiful illustrations and paintings created by our daughter Melissa, a feast for the eyes. Taking another glance, your eyes might rest on the server. A row of books are lined up on top of the server ready for use. Books? In the dining room? Yes, books that can help us as we study the Word of God, and enjoy a feast for the soul. Our dining room table sometimes becomes a place for Bible study and the books on the server are readily available to give us more information as we study.

This post is the second of a series on “Bible Time Library” suggestions. On this post, I thought I would share some books that can be helpful tools to refer to as we study God’s Word with our children.

List of Bible Study Tools

My First Bible Dictionary – Linda Winder (Baker Book House 1991)
The Picture Bible Dictionary – (Chariot Books 1993)
The Baker Bible Dictionary For Kids – (Baker Book House 1997)
The Student Bible Atlas – Tim Dowley (Augsburg 1996)
Bible Atlas and Companion – (Barbour Publishing 2008)
What the Bible is All About – (Gospel Light 1986)

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge – (Hendrickson Publishers)
Nave’s Topical Bible – Orville J. Nave (Hendrickson Publishers)
Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary – W.E. Vine (Thomas Nelson)
Deluxe Edition Halley’s Bible Handbook – Henry H. Halley (Zondervan)
Comparative Study Bible – (Zondervan)
A Bible Concordance – (Look for one that relates to the Bible translation of your choice.)

I hope this list will be useful as you feast on God’s Word with your children!
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.