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At the End

At the end of your life, when you face your Creator …what would you rather say?

“I answered 10,549 e-mails, attended every event on the calendar and connected with my friends on a regular basis. Oh …and I did say a quick “hi” to You each morning too.”

Or would you rather say this:

“Lord Jesus, thank You for being my Savior and best Friend. It was wonderful to walk with You through life on earth. You were faithful every step of the way. I love You, Lord, with all my heart.”

Your Soul Can Starve

What would it be like if your daily diet was simply a cup of coffee and one teeny little biscuit? Every morning. Every day?

Can you imagine how hungry you’d feel?! 

But this is exactly what we can do to our souls.

We can starve them. We can get so wrapped up in the busyness of life that we just grab a spiritual ‘biscuit’, like a one minute devotional, and rush on.

As a result we may find ourselves turning to the affirmations of others or seeking escape through books to fill up the hungry emptiness within us. It may seem more interesting to surf the web than read our Bible. Talk to a friend rather than talk to God. Find comfort in a piece of cake rather than in God’s Word.

Is your soul starving?


Satisfy your inner soul hunger …through a day by day walk with Jesus Christ.

Did you know that daily spending time in His Word, talking to God, memorizing and studying His Word and then doing what it says can help you to thrive?

God has so much stored up for those who love Him with their whole heart and follow hard after Him!

Will you?

Ready to flourish?

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