Would you like a simple, yet creative and fun way to introduce a new memory verse to your child while encouraging discussion and comprehension of the Bible verse?

Enjoy “Unscramble!”

This is the eighth of a series of posts offering Bible Study and Scripture Memory activities for children.

Suggested Ages: 3-8




Choose your memory verse. (MV)

Cut small paper shapes. You will need as many shapes as there are words in your verse, plus two cards for the Bible reference. Squares or rectangles work well. Card stock is great for paper durability but is not necessary. (A paper cutter makes the paper cutting quick and easy.)

Write one word from the MV on each card.

Write the complete Bible reference on two cards.

On the back of each card write one number, or alphabet letter or shape. For example, the number 1 would be on the back of one of the Bible reference cards. Number 2 would be on the back of the first word of the verse, number 3 on the back of the second word of the verse, etc.

Introduce and Discuss the Verse

1. Explain to your child that you are going to begin memorizing a new Bible verse by playing “Unscramble!” together.

2. Shuffle the cards and lay them word side down on the table in front of him.

3. Have him put the cards in order by number, letter or shape.

4. Have him turn the first card over. This should be the Bible reference. Talk about where the verse is found in the Bible.

5. Continue turning the cards over one by one, talking about each word. Spend time on the key words of the verse, discussing the meaning of the words. A dictionary can be used with this if you desire.

6. When all the cards are turned to the word side, say/read all the cards together a number of times.

7. Allow time for questions from your child for further comprehension of the verse.

8. For more fun, do it again!! If you feel that your child understands the words in the verse, you could skip the discussion of the words this time. Just let him organize the cards, turn them over and say the verse. This can be done multiple times. Your child may enjoy trying to organize and turn the cards over a little faster each time.

9. Finally, collect the cards and keep them in a small plastic bag, an envelope or keep them together with a clip or a rubber band. Use the “Unscramble!” cards again as often as you like!

There’s more! If you would like further ideas for this “Unscramble!” activity, take a look below.


Make more “Unscramble!” card sets over time as you introduce other new memory verses.

If your child can use scissors and write, he can help you create the verse card sets.

Using various colors of paper, makes it easier to identify each set of cards.

Review Memory Verses: Make “Unscramble!” card sets using verses that your child has already memorized. Then use these sets for review.

Older children can enjoy “Unscramble!” for verse review too! For them, leave the back of the “Unscramble” cards blank or scramble the cards that do have numbers, letters or shapes on the back of them, word side up so that they cannot see the numbers or letters or shapes. They can then organize the cards by the words of the verse because they have already memorized the verse.

If you have more than one set of “Unscramble!” cards, you can shuffle the card sets together and place them on the table all mixed up adding to the fun of sorting and organizing. If you have more than one set of the same color, it works best to have letters on one set, numbers on another set and shapes on another set to make it easy to identify the individual sets of one color.



Or, if more than one child is participating in the activity, each child could have a different set of cards to sort and organize. Say “Unscramble!”. This gives the signal that each child is to begin unscrambling and organzing his set of cards. After everyone is finished organizing their sets, each child can take a turn reading or saying the memory verse in front of him.


Enjoy playing “Unscramble!” as part of a Bible Time with your child. Follow three simple steps:

1. SING: Start with singing a song to the Lord.

2. BIBLE: Have your child play “Unscramble!” allowing for time to talk about the meaning of the Bible verse. You could also locate the verse in the Bible and read verses that come before and after the memory verse to help put the verse in context.

3. PRAY: Then talk to God in prayer.


When you have as many card sets as members of your family, your whole family can enjoy the activity together!

Give each younger child a card set with the numbers, letters or shapes facing up.

Give each older child/adult a card set with the words facing up.

Say, “Unscramble!” Each person then unscrambles his set. After each set is unscrambled, everyone can take turns saying or reading the verse their card set represents.


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“Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.”

Jeremiah 15:16

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