Final Challenge Update

Hello Friends,

This is a happy little note to report that each one of us individually quoted Psalm 81 word perfectly today!  We are thankful for the Lord’s help and the accountability we had with each other and here on Lifestyle. :)

Hope you have a wonderful evening,

Melanie, Kristen, and Melissa


We Take on a Challenge

This week Melanie, Kristen and Melissa are taking on a Scripture Memory challenge! You are welcome to join them, or simply follow along. Check back for daily progress!

Join Me!


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Easter Craft 5

Here are some samples of decorated eggshells using pencil, colored pencils, watercolor and markers. We store our decorated eggs in egg cartons and enjoy bringing them out at Easter time. (Note: If you choose to put a date and your initials somewhere on your decorated eggs you will be reminded of the year you decorated them in the years to come.)

Another Way to Have a Healthy Heart

In this video, Melanie shares another way to have a healthy heart! In the video she also explains about the story below!

Mellie’s Mirror

Once upon a time – oh, a very long time ago indeed – there lived in the village of Peopleton, a little girl named Mellie. Like all the people of Peopleton, she had a great mirror all her own. It was small enough to carry but big enough that she could see exactly how she looked. And there were few things Mellie liked so much as to look at herself.

In the morning she’d look in the mirror to see if every hair was in place. In the afternoon she put the mirror up on the fireplace so that wherever she went she could make sure she was doing everything just right. In the evening she’d smile in the mirror and put it beside her bed where it was the first thing she saw when she woke up.

But after awhile, Mellie stopped smiling. She didn’t like what she saw in the mirror. If her clothes weren’t just right she felt terrible. If the room didn’t look immaculate after her scrubbing and bustling she felt like a failure. She tried to work harder and do more, but the image in the mirror only seemed to grow worse!

Her wise mother saw that Mellie was miserable and took her next door to see the Mirror Master. He welcomed them in and asked what the problem was. His eyes were very kind and Mellie felt a bit of hope rise in her heart.

“No matter how hard I try,” began Mellie. “I cannot get the reflection in this mirror to look very good. No matter how much I do – I just see a frowning face and more work to do!”

The Mirror Master nodded sympathetically, but Mellie’s nerves had had enough. “I just want to take it and smash it to smithereens!” And she burst into tears. As she did so her mirror fell to the floor. Mellie didn’t even notice.

When Mellie had stopped sobbing the Mirror Master handed her a tissue. “You know,” He said kindly. “You’re right. These mirrors often don’t reflect good pictures of their owners. But that’s because they were made to reflect Someone else. Until the mirrors are turned to Him, the picture will always end up nasty.”

Mellie moved her hands away from her eyes and blew her nose. She glanced down at her mirror as it lay on the floor. Horrid thing! But wait! Mellie froze. Reflected in the mirror was the kindest Face she had ever seen. The reflection was perfect.

She glanced up at the Mirror Master. “Why, the reflection is beautiful now.” She looked back at the mirror in wonder. No longer was her worried face, frazzled and flurried, blinking back at her. Instead, the kind, restful Face of the Mirror Master glowed from its surface. The mirror had found the One for Whom it was made.

When Mellie and her mother arrived back home, Mellie didn’t put her mirror back up over the fireplace. Instead she set it up on a shelf at just the right angle to reflect what could be seen from the window opposite. That window looked directly into the Mirror Master’s shop.

At any hour of the day she could glance up and see the Mirror Master’s kind face. Her frustrations and flurries melted away. She began to smile again. But not at Mellie. When the Mirror Master smiles, it’s really hard not to smile yourself!


Dear Sisters, our minds are like mirrors. They were made to reflect Christ, not ourselves. Turn your thoughts to Him and rejoice in all He is. May you find rest and freedom of mind as you fix your eyes on Jesus.

With love,