“Mommy, why do we have to sing?”

Have you ever been asked that question in your home? I have! And it is a good question too! Why do we sing? Why do we sing to the Lord? What answer do we have for our children when they ask?
Perhaps we should ask our children another question in response to their question!

When I was growing up, there were times when I would ask my father a question and I just wanted him to give me a quick answer! Instead, one of his favorite responses was:

“What does the Bible say?”

I am thankful for his wisdom and guidance in this as He pointed me to God’s Word, the Book of Truth, for answers.

He wanted me to go straight to the Word of God and to think on the truth of God’s Word for myself. In doing so, He was helping to establish in my mind the authority of God’s Word in our lives.

And this is so very important.

In a consistent and gentle way we need to communicate to our children from babyhood to adulthood that God’s Word is the authority in our lives.

And one practical and effective way to do this is to respond to questions they ask with the question, “What does the Bible say?”

“Why do we have to sing?” In response to this question, let’s ask, “What does the Bible say?” I would encourage you to take time to help your children answer these two questions by looking at what God has to say during a Bible Time together. If you would like to do so, a Bible Time Plan is available with this post and you are welcome to use it as a guide.

As you and your children look into God’s Word to see what God has to say about singing, you will find great reasons why singing is one of the key elements of Bible Time. And singing beautiful hymns and Scripture songs is a great way to begin Bible Time! These songs can help to set the tone for the rest of Bible Time and to prepare our hearts for what God has to teach us that day from His Word.

Billy Graham knew the influence of song. You can probably recall how he would have George Beverly Shea sing before Billy would share his message at the evangelistic crusades. Billy knew that godly songs can help to prepare the human heart to listen and respond to the truth of God’s Word. And that is another great reason to begin Bible Time with singing.

We can sing with instruments, sing with no instruments or sing with a CD! We can sing sitting, standing or with actions! Most of all, we can sing with all of our hearts to the Lord during Bible Time and any time of the day.

Not only can we sing to the Lord for His praise, but we can sing to the Lord to encourage and bless others.

Would you like a fun idea for encouraging others by sharing your family’s voices in song this Christmas season? How about Phone Caroling?

You can learn about Phone Caroling by taking a look at the information on Phone Caroling with this post.

In review, when our children ask us a question, let’s challenge ourselves to answer them with another question! Let’s ask them, “What does the Bible say?” and then help them to find answers from God’s Word.

Let’s help them to understand from the Bible why we choose to sing by reading some related Bible verses and talking about them together during a Bible Time.

And this Christmas, let’s encourage others by surprising them with a phone call and a carol.
We would love to hear from you! Send a comment our way to tell us about your experience as you put these ideas into practice.

Merry Christmas and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.