When the going gets tough, when we get sick, when trials or tests come our way, does our spiritual vitality disappear under the tissue box? Do we figure we just don’t have time or energy, skip our time with God and then wonder why we’re so miserable?

Or does having a regular habit of the ‘5 Decisions‘ make any difference?

Well, as someone who’s recently been hit with a cold – I can wave my hand high in a big ‘YES!’ :) Continuing to spend time with the Lord through His Word has helped point me to the Lord and helped make my days feel more normal, even if my body doesn’t feel so! And on a very practical note, the habit of spending time in prayer made it second nature to ask for and receive His grace on morning six of this cold, when I was worn down. He brought the smile back to my heart! :)

So, if you’re facing a time of sickness or challenge, let me urge you, don’t quit!! The practice of cultivating our relationship with Christ is often the very avenue through which He sends the spiritual strength we need.

And if you’re in a sunny season of life, let me urge you, build those habits like crazy. If you’re committed when you’re healthy and life is easy, you’re more likely to be committed when you’re sick and life feels like it’s straight uphill. And that commitment just might be a life raft for your soul someday!

“My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life…I remember your ancient laws, O LORD, and I find comfort in them.” Psalm 119:50, 52